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The Christmas Party Udskriv
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Skrevet af Juliette89   

Min første historie, håber den bliver taget godt imod, og at folk er OK med, at den er på engelsk. Formateringen har desværre gjort noget ved opsætningen. God fornøjelse.

Saturday, December 28, 6:30 PM

She sits quiet, looking out the window of the cab, consumed in her own private thoughts.
The snow has started to fall, setting the perfect surroundings for the yearly office christmas
party, only, it was her first since starting only a short time ago.

The cab holds to a stop, the driver turning to look at her
Driver: This is it.

She pays the man, opens the cab door, stepping out to the street. She looks up at the beautifully lit hotel. The cab drives away, leaving her alone on the street with a knot in her stomach. She looks down at her new red dress, sliding both hands up and down in an attempt to straighten it after sitting in a car for an hour. She grabs her suitcase and walks up the stairs, reaching out and opens the door to the lobby.
The room is filled with men in suits and women in beautiful dresses and high heels. She looks to her right and sees the frontdesk. "Thank God, there's no line", she thinks.
She takes a deep breath and walks with confident steps towards the girl behind the desk. Her nametag says Cindy.

Cindy: Welcome, miss. Are you here for the christmas party? she says with a big smile that reaches all the way up to her eyes. "Yes, I am", she answers with a grateful smile, her shoulders relaxing a bit.

6.50 PM

She looks at herself in the big mirror. The long blonde curly hair falling lightly on her shoulders, her powdy lips softly pressed together, her green eyes pinched together, as if it would make her see herself more clearly. She studies every inch of herself, making sure everything looks the way she wants it to. She looks out the window, wondering what tonight will bring. She casts one last look on herself in the mirror murmering "you'll be fine, you don't have to stay all night".
She steps into her read heels, reaches for her purse, and leaves the room.

7.00 PM

A stream of people are walking towards two huge wooden doors, Cindy the receptionist, opening the door for them to enter. She follows to see a room with high ceilings filled with chandeliers, big bouquets of flowers and a live band who seems to already be making people exited.

Voice calling: Juliette!

She hears her name being yelled loudly across the room. She feels her cheeks blushing, and rushes over to the familiar face. "Monica", she says with a big smile and reaches out to hug her friend. "Is this where we're sitting?"

Monica: Yup. Well, I'm sitting here, and you're right across from me!
Isn't that perfect? She winks and grins.
"Well. What lovely company we've being dealt", a male voice says from behind her. Juliette turns to see a tall dark haired man, his eyes locked in hers. "Yes, lucky you, Christian" Monica quickly replies, but he continues to look at Juliette. She simply smiles, but can't help but think that she could not have been given a worse seat. This is going to be a long night. "What do we even have to talk about", she thinks to herself.
"Champagne?" They are interrupted by a girl with a big tray full of glasses. "Yes, please" Monica and Juliette replies simultaneously and the look at one another and giggle like schoolgirls.

10.00 PM

Juliette has somehow been involved in a serious discussion about how the company board has decided to sell company shares to external buyers, when she catches a glimpse of Monica starring at her with a wicked smile on her face. "Let's go get a drink", she says and puts her hand on Juliettes. It dosen't sound like a question. Juliette looks at her for a moment, but then stands up and walks after her.

Monica: So...?
Juliette looks confused at Monica "So what"?
Monica: Come on! You can't fool me. Is something going on between the two of you?
Juliette: Okay, you have to explain to me what the hell you're talking about? Juliette looks at Monica, irritated.
Monica: He's been staring at you all night! You can't tell me that you haven't noticed!
Juliette: Who's been staring at me?
Monica: "Christian Bale!" She shreeks.
Juliette: I think you're imagining things, Monica. Let's get those drinks, maybe that conversation I left won't be as boring after a drink or two. She grins, Monica rolling her eyes, giggling.
Monica: OK. But I'm sure he's into you.

Some time past midnight...

OK, I'm going now. I need to sleep, so I won't be too hungover when I have to that that cab ride home tomorrow. Monica pouts, but lets Juliette leave.
"I'll tell you everything on Monday" she yells through the loud music from the live band. She winks and continues to dance. Juliette turns and walks through the big wooden doors towards the elevator. It quickly opens and she enters and presses the button to the top floor.

She walks down the long hallway, and when she turns the corner she sees a man standing by the door to her room. She stops to look at him. "You left so quickly, I didn't get the chance to convince you to stay", he says. She slowly walks closer, running her hand through her purse to find the key to her room. What are you doing here, Christian? she asks.
"I didn't really think too much, I just had to go after you", he says quietly. "That's not really a good idea, Christian".
The door unlocks and she enters, expecting him to leave. He enters the room after her, closing the door behind him. She turns and they suddenly stand with only inches between them, none of them saying a word, the air thickening.
"You should go, we're both married, this is wrong", she says strictly. He takes a step towards her, putting his hands on her waist, and leans his lips towards her neck. "I know you're right", he whispers softly, "but I can't stop myself". She feels her skin trembling, and a heavy sigh leaves her lips as he leaves a tender kiss right below her jawline.
His grib tightens on her waist, his tongue going down her neck towards the edge of her dress. She moans softly, and he lifts her up, her legs wraps around him, and they fall down on the bed. Their lips touch almost hesitantly, but as they meet, their reluctance vanish, leaving no trace of it having ever been there. His hand slide slowly down her chest, down her stomach and further down her leg, his fingers softly teasing the skin on her inner thigh, sneaking up under her dress. Her breathing turns heavy, as she pushes her pelvis up towards him.
She can feel him smiling, he sits up and starts to pull up her dress. She lifts, and sits up next to him, so he can pull the dress off her. It lands on the floor, and she can feel him staring at her. She stands up, pulling him with her, and starts to unzip his pants while kissing him intensely. He groans, letting his hands softly run from her neck, down to her breasts, caressesing them, before they continue down her stomach and further down her thighs. His fingers going back and forth outside her panties, barely touching her sex. She moans, feeling her sex getting hot and wet while she opens his belt and unbuttons his pants. He tells her to turn her back to him, leaning her hands on the wall and spread her legs. She does as she's told, the wall cold towards her hot skin.
He removes her blonde hair from her shoulder, leaving soft kisses on her neck, shoulder, the curve of her lower back, his hands cupping her ass cheeks, his tongue licking the back of her thighs, his hands following. She moans, her body quivering. "You are so incredibly sexy" he whispers between kissing and softly biting her thighs, his hands sliding up her legs, slowly, until his fingers reaches her sex, teasing her on the outside of her panties. He lets his fingers slip in, feeling that she's ready. She moans loudly squeezing her hands togeether from pleasure. He puts his hands firmly on her waist, turning her against him.
They lean into a kiss, his hands moving to her ass lifting her while she wraps her legs around him.
He puts her down on the table, takes of her white lace bra and puts his tongue on her nipple. Kissing. Sucking. Licking. She puts her hands on the table, leaning her head back, still wrapping her legs around him.
She pulls off his tie and rips off his shirt, the sound of a few buttons falling onto the floor.

Juliette: Fuck me now. Please, she moans.
Christian: As you wish.

He pulls off her white panties and spread her legs apart.
Very slowly he sinks into her warm sex. There's complete silence accept for their heavy breathing. He kisses her while he continues to slowly move in and out. Her fingers burrow into the skin on his back, he groans partly from pain, partly from pleasure, and he moves faster and harder into her, the only sound comes from the table being banged against the wall. She dosen't care.
It dosen't take long before they both surrender to orgasm. For a moment they just stand there, gasping for air, their chests moving rapidly up and down from exhaustion, his fingers in her hair, her fingers on his back, her head leaning on his shoulder. They slowly catch their breath, and look at each other, neither one of them saying a word.
He takes a step back, and she jumps down the table, walks to the bed and gets under the covers, her head spinning. She dosen't know if it's from the alcohol or the sex. He goes to the bathroom, water starts running. She lies flat on her back, looking at the ceiling, and begins to fall asleep.

4:00 AM

Suddenly she feels warm breath on her neck, turning her head to the side, she stares directly into his eyes. She sighs, and blinks her eyes a few times. In a flash it hits her. She sits up in the bed, he leans his head in his hand.

Christian: What's wrong?
Juliette: Nothing. I just don't really know what to do with myself.

He pulls her back down, reaches to let his finger slightly brush the line of her neck, down towards her bare breasts. His touch feels so good, he knows just how to touch her, and she feels her body react immideately, her stomach flutters, her skin so sensitive and her sex getting wet again. As if he could read her mind, his hand quickly move down her body directly in between her legs, his fingers finding their way into her sex. He licks the side of her neck as he moves his fingers quickly in and out, her breathing rapidly increasing, moaning and squirming. "I can't not touch you", he groans, moving on top of her, pushing his hard dick inside her.

She moans loudly, running her fingers through his hair, he pulls her one leg up with his hand. Oh God. He moves in and put of her, thrusting as hard as he can, and soon he can't hold on any longer and fills her up. He lets himself fall down on top of her, their sweaty bodies wrapped around each other, while she gasps for air, her throat dry.
After a couple of minutes, he rolls down and lies on her side. They both fall asleep.

Sunday, December 29, 8.30 AM

She wakes up, it's completely light outside, the room's a mess; clothes everywhere on the floor, the table standing crooked, and there's pillows everywhere. She sits up in the bed, he's still asleep beside her. She decides it's probably best, if she takes a shower first thing, washing away the sweat, leftover makeup and hairspray. She stands up and softly crosses the floor to the bathroom, quietly closing the door behind her,
Maybe he'll be gone when she comes back out.
She turns on the water, takes out a towel and steps inside the shower and under the hot water, slightly burning her skin. She lets the water pour over her for a minute, before washing her hair. Suddenly the shower door opens, and Christian stands in front of her. "I thought I'd join you", he says and steps into the shower, standing as close to her as possible.
Once again their eyes lock on each other, and without saying anything else, he takes her breats in his hands, carefully pinching her nipples between his fingers. She closes her eyes, and he gently pushes her towards the wall, his face right in front of hers. With his left hand he takes both of her wrists, moving them up over her head, pinning them to the wall, and with his right he spreads her legs, making sure she's wet. She feels every muscle in her body tensing from excitement, while she follows his directions. Feeling that she's ready, he kisses her intensely, and turns her back to him. Holding his hands on top of hers on the cold tiles, she spreads her legs and bend her lower back, leaning herself towards him, and he slowly enters her. They both moan and she follows his rhythm, back and forth, while tightening her fingers in his. Carefully but firmly, he grabs her by her hair, tilting her head back, kisses her neck while he fucks her as hard as he can. She feels her legs shaking, and as her sex tightens, he can't hold it back and they both come in an intense orgasm, the water pouring down over them. His hands find their way to her breasts, squeezes them gently, and continues down to her waist, giving a little tug.
She turns around, puts her hands around his neck, looks him in his eyes and gives him a long deep kiss. He kisses her back, and they continue to shower together.

11.00 PM

The driver turns to her and says: This should be it.
She's forced out of her thoughts of what had taken place the night before.

Juliette: Oh, right. Here you go, sir.
Driver: Do you need any help with your bag?
Juliette: No, thank you. I can manage.

She steps out of the cab, and with familiar steps she walks quickly towards the frontdoor. She walks through the door and yells "honey, I'm home"

To be continued...?

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På engelsk og opsætning kikset?
Tyder meget på det e ren kopi fra andet sted... :/

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